Support when diagnosed with anxiety

I was just asked to vote for the most supportive for when I was diagnosed with anxiety.

I suffered in silence for a long time.

I didn't talk to friends and family not because they wouldn't help me but I was sure that they just wouldn't understand.

I mean not going to the cinema because of fear of attack ?

Racing heart for no reason?

Chest pains, back pains ?

Having to avoid somewhere because it triggered an attack ? I mean come on.

If I wasn't a sufferer and someone said that to me I would think they were mad .

I would worry for months on end at a bad time.

I would suffer in complete silence and not draw on any help.

But as we all know anxiety + worry = ANXIETY

But back to the most supportive.....THIS WEB PAGE RIGHT HERE.

Sure I still suffer a bit but it's in the comfort that there are people out there EXACTLY the same as me that I have found on here.

There is reassurance in that and does eliviate some stresses and worries,

So it a long about way , the best support I have had for my anxiety etc is this Community right here so THANK YOU.


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  • Hello

    This is really nice to read that you feel this Community has helped you so much :-)

    Take Care x

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