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Social anxiety institute

Hi guys,

Has anyone heard of or tried the online therapy by Dr. Richards at the social anxiety institute? It's 25 sessions over 6 months and cost around $160. There is a lot of audio/video/paperwork supplied in the therapy and focus's on CBT mainly I think.

I am considering signing up, but just thought I would ask here first to see if any of you guys had experience with this programme.

Thanks again and hoping everyone is well.


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I've never heard of it good luck :)


Hi Jase

I looked Dr. Richards institute up. Very interesting and looks legit but who knows for sure. Maybe do some homework looking up places his bio claims he worked and did research. Price is definately doable. I have taken classes thru the Midwest Center for stress and anxiety by Lucinda Bassett. Great program. Really helped me and I've taken what I learned with me for years. It is very expensive however. Let me know if you give this guy a try. Doesn't sound bad just scary when you buy something like this on the Internet. Know what I mean? Keep in touch and let me know if you try it and what your impressions are of it. I'm in US too..

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