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Feeling helpless

Reading here has calmed me down a lot , thanks for letting me join .I know i have anxiety .I got hot and clammy ,sweating then a bad headache and my head felt like it was going to burst .I took my blood pressure and it was 193/105 .I took my blood pressure pill and some Tylenol and was searching what was wrong when i come across this site . Feel much better now after reading other people have the same symptoms as me

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Hi Deb_in_Sk, I'm glad you found us. Anxiety can be powerful. I've had everything you mentioned including the high B/P and being on b/p medication. I do also take a Tylenol on occasion for the pressure in the head feeling. I'm glad you feel better knowing you are not alone but now is the time to bring down the level of those symptoms as well as b/p. Since using daily relaxation and meditation time as well as using deep belly breathing, I've become better in control with your bodily symptoms. I won't overwhelm you the first time, but want to welcome you to a forum with wonderful caring, supportive people. Each of us has a story but most of all we are real people going through the same thing as you are. Wish you well Deb. xx


Welcome to the site, and it does help just to help other people. We are all going theough this together and we will be with each other. I hope you're feeling well soon. Deep breathing techniques help😊


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