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Is this normal for anxiety

I know I am going through a lot of stress at the moment (which is beyond my control) and I just feel totally awful, it's very hard to describe but sort of feels like I have a very bad fever but without the temperature, very slightly nauseous sometimes and just generally unwell. The strange thing is it is always at its worse during the day but eases off by the evenings ??

Thanks for listening

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I feel this way too but with me it's usually the other way around I'm that I feel much worse in the evening but it's feels the same with a temperature kind of a flu like feeling with no energy and sometimes really shaky inside


I don't actually have a temperature and I do "feel" like I am shaking but not. Had all sorts of blood tests a while ago but all came back negative. Is there any way to help this horrible feeling, it is ruining my life at the moment.

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You sound very much like me, I don't have a temperature either as when I check I'm fine but it feels that way in my body I too have have every test known to man and yet it all comes back ok I don't think there's any known cure only to keep pushing on and maybe beliving it is which is so hard when you feel so poorly 😢


I used to feel so physically sick from anxiety that I had thought I had some sort of poisoning. I'm sorry you're going through stress. The best thing we can do is give it all to God and realize there's a perfect plan for you.

I'm going through a lot of stress at the moment myself.

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