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Needing Information on Anxiety Attacks

I'm very concerned about my grandmother who is 71 & will be 72 on 6/5/16, she suffers every night with having the following symptoms:

Shortness of breath, numbness, tingling, lack of sleep, hardly no appetite.

She is a heart patient with a defibrillator, but that is okay. It makes me feel bad because she's up all night with these symptoms plus she also has Restless Leg Syndrome. Can someone please give us some answers, we go to the hospitals and I take her to her doctors but they don't really know what to say. Thanks!

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Does your Grandparent feel she is anxious ?

These can be anxiety symptoms but if she has other medical problems it can also sometimes be the effect of medication she may take as well

I would tell your Doctor even if they are not sure what it is more needs to be done because this is no life for your Grandma and not only is it affecting her but the family watching her suffering every night , stick to your guns with insisting they do more to help and hopefully they will

I am wondering if maybe a sleeping tablet at night if she is ok in the day may help but again this would have to be something her GP agreed to and prescribed

I hope you manage to get this sorted and come on any time to chat , we may not always have the answers but we are good listeners :-)

Take Care x


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