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Belly pain

Well, I have to wake up in two hours to go to reumatology check up and what do you know, I haven't slept yet.

I had belly pain in my lower right abdomen two months ago. After few tests, I was diagnosed with coeliac and my sorta anxiety symptoms started showing up. And guess what. After two months of being gluten free and running around several doctors with worries about my new weird symptoms, the abominal pain is back.

I am getting worried once again. Head pressure and trouble breathing is one thing, but all day of stabbing pain and sitting on toilet twice in night? Seeeeeriously weird. My doctor said I should wait for the regular gastroenfoscopy check up. I suppose I can pretend my guts are not grumbling on me and think it's still good old anxiety. But with the actual pain it's kinda hard.

Any of you ever had abdominal pain around appendix and bladder as a part of anxiety?

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