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Anxiety affected sex life. Anyone else?

Hi all, this is a weird personal one. But I had a real bad bout of anxiety this last month, and during that time I had a couple of moments where it really affected my sexual performance.

I was kind of getting better anxiety-wise, coming out of the woods, when I realised that I had given myself some kind of phobia of sex?!

I have a loving wife and we have (had?!..) a very healthy sex life. But over the last week my fear of having a bad show or getting the anxiety again has dropped my libido way down. I know that if we persevere and try to break the habit things will get better. But I have this irrational fear now of even trying! The thought of it makes me start panicking!

This is really upsetting my wife because she feels rejected and can't quite understand it. and I feel unable to 'man up' which I think is obviously just making the whole anxiety circle worse.

Has Anyone else had anything like this? I've never my anxiety affect me in such a way! But now it's like there's no way back!

Weird problem!

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Low libido is something that is common when suffering from anxiety as well as when we have anxiety even when we are doing so much better something can creep up and cause us irrational fear and I am sure you are not alone and not the first to have encountered this problem

You know what is happening and why and you also seem to be well tuned in on how anxiety works and how to deal with it

Maybe talk again with your wife and on a regular basis to let her know that it is nothing to do with her , ask her to be patient with you and I am sure things will slowly start improving but again :-)

Take Care x

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Yeah. Can totally relate to you. I am very much the same...then I feel.guilty..nightmare

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