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Hey guys I'm new here ...

I am 17 and have health anxiety I think for two years now, I don't uderstand why, I feel pressure at the back of my head dizzy ringing ears feel my pulse everywhere feel spaced out 24/7 and vertigo sometimes , im scared im dying and have a brain tumour aneurysm Heart disease or something , I have panick attacks now aswell , doctors keep saying im physically fine and its anxiety ... Blood test came back clear... Starting counselling soon .someone please help me I hope it's just anxiety and im ok :(

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Hello :-)

Nice to see you posting , I hope members will come on and give you their input , I have already so I won't repeat myself , but good for you as I know it can feel daunting doing your first post :-)

Take Care x


I feel like you. Woozy dizzy ringing in ear. I'm 29. Had blood and mri done everything is fine but I feel so ill x


I know how it feels like.. If your doctor is saying that it's anxiety, then it is so..

So many people experiencing the same thing as you.. just accept it, and let it go.. practice things you love, change your daily routine, and it will eventually subside


Hang in there John and it's just anxiety, don't let it mess with your mind and you can trust the doctors (:


dont worry i have the same thing. i thought i was dying. i still do feel like it. i got tested for brain tumers and i dont have one so dont worry you problebly wont eaither. its just the way of our minds thinking. you could also try medication. im going to be trying celexa soon. its sappose to be a good medication with mild side affects. if u do take meds i wouldent take prozac tho i herd it has bad side affects i got perscribed it and never took it for that reason. but dont worry you should be fine. private message me if you want.


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