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Constant headache

Ever since my period has been over i know (tmi) i have been gettin constant headaches i know the climax is pretty hottttt i think im staying hydrated i try to drink as much water as i can but these headaches are becoming more constant this is the 3rd day now i also do alot of flying dont know if thay could be it as well and as well as my sinus has been acting up alot lately what a bummer

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Ever since I started i the menopause I get about 6 weekly migraines which knock me of my feet as well as headaches in between

Also sinus issues does give us headaches and you are doing the right thing drinking plenty of water , when we get the headaches though I know that can make us feel tense which also adds to it lingering

Someone ages ago told me about those cool strips that you put on your forehead when you have a headache or migraine , I remember thinking o what a waste of money a cold flannel will do , but ages after they were on offer so I bought some and I do find they help , I mean they don't take the migraine away when I have one of those but they help will that intensity you feel and somehow they help you relax , you look a bit daft with it stuck on your forehead but as long as you stay in and if you answer the door remember to remove it first then that solves that one :-/

Hope you feel better soon :-)

Take Care x


Hahaha u made me laugh with that last part i do feel awhole lot better after i got something to eat i know it can be a mixture of stress and tension for sure. Thank u for your reply

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