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Its back

Well im feeling fearful again. My body is slightly shaking. My stomach feels weak like im about to throw up. My head is also hurting. Im getting chest pain and shortness of breath. I feel like something bad is going to happen. Im just really freaking out. My mom said she was going to make me a doctor appointment. Hopefully they take blood or something so i can know if i have something going on.

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Hi xoxox , I am a newbie here and I totally get what you are experiencing because I go thru the same myself.

I need to lie down and wait till it goes which is around 2-3 hours. I have several things wrong with me as I take 10 different types of medication. Which tbh is excessive but they keep me alive and well.

The anxiety/panic attacks come on when I've experienced loud noises, my eyes water, my head feels tense and I have heart palpitations. Just recently I've been getting these pain in the center of my chest, not sure what this is though.

I hope you can ride out the anxiety and it will pass they always do. Perhaps a cuddle or someone can tickle your feet which helps tremendously. It is something which can make the anxiety go away.

Be well xoxox!



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