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Worrying and afraid

Is there anyone in the forum who's afraid to go to the Dr inlue of receiving bad reports or is it just me?! I know I suffer from anxiety and depression and I'm really suffering.Insurance kicks in on June 1st and I'm anxious to go see a therapist of some sort! I can't continue to live like this!! I constantly check my pulse heart rate is always thru the roof , maybe cause I'm always afraid of dying!! I worry about everything....

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Hi dear, you are not alone in being afraid to go to the doctor believe me. That's what anxiety does to us, makes us afraid we have something but yet afraid to find out what it might be.


Right...I just want to be done with this for Good

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You're definitely not alone with these symptoms. I constantly check my blood pressure and this seems to send it even higher. The doctors want me to take meds but I want to know why I have high bp to begin with. None of htm want to do any tests to find out. I'm so fearful of side effects from the meds that it makes my bp go higher again. After all, I'm not drug deficient, there has to be a cause your it.

I hope you can find someone to help you with your concerns. It sucks big time.

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Yes, you are not aloneness!


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