Chest pain😥

Hi everyone, its been a rough week for me I'm starting to have these pains in the left side of my chest it comes and goes but its annoying! I've been trying to keep my anxiety at a minimum with breathing techniques. I can't shake these worrisome feelings like I'm about to have a heart attack at any given moment ! I'm always concerned about my ♥! Can someone shed some light on what I'm feeling ...Please! Any ache or pain I think its over for me!

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  • Sometimes its just our mind that makes us think overboard ..i started with anxiety a couple months ago due to an illness i had so i became a constant worrier about my health .I feel like i cant breathe but i pray alot and it helps

  • I hope your better! I pray alot too for everything and everyone! I think mine started years ago Saury157 then my dad died from heart complications and my sister had aneurysms and she still have them I constantly worry about her! Not to mention she's my best friend. My dad was a great dad also! I miss him so much . I just can't seem to stop worrying so much!!!😥

  • Its hard to deal with so much ...i worry about my children so much because i think who will care for them if something were to happen to me

  • I have left side chest pains... I have asthma and think they are actually more to do with breathing muscles and posture than anything heart-related. My breathing muscles just get tired sometimes and I don't have the best posture which can also give me random back or chest pains. Remember that there is more in your chest that just your heart - a load of important muscles, your lungs, etc. Just like headaches, it's entirely normal to get random pains and cramps there sometimes.

    On another note due to your family history it sounds like the bad experiences you've had of heart disease in others may have given you a health anxiety in this area. You could explain this to a GP and they could do some basic tests to rule out any underlying problem and put your mind at ease e.g. simple blood pressure test and basic ECG. If your GP won't offer these, any pharmacy will check your blood pressure, and the charity Cardiac Risk in the Young hold subsidised ECG sessions for under-35s to identify undiagnosed underlying heart conditions. I know that having these two basic checks and knowing there was nothing to worry about helped put my mind at ease a lot.

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