It's getting hard to breathe

When I was laying down there was a pain in my head then I freaked out a little then I felt tired then it got a bit hard to breathe like my chest feels heavy so I grabbed my asthma pump ready to inhale if something did happened but nothing happened had MRI doctor said everything is OK. so wtf man lol y do I feel like that right now while at the hospital they told me to come back if I felt breathless but I don't have a ride.


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  • Just take some deep breaths and stand at the door and get some air . I'm sure if the doctor says your ok it's just your anxiety it's awful but just try to breath and use yr inhaler if it helps . Hope you are ok just try telling yrsrlf it's just the anxiety and nothing bad will happen to you. Easier said than done I know . Big hugs xx

  • Thanks I feel ok now but now it's just my head

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