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Strange bony bumps

I have these bumps lump like bone feeling on the back of my head it goes to my right ear and I have one the med middle part of my head it's been there for 3 months I had head aches dizziness off balance feelings. When I went to the cardiologist they found what could be a cyst on my neck but there not sure I'm just thinking what could it be because I surely didn't know this I didn't have it cuz I always like to feel my head. Could my head aches and cold feeling ms be connected had an MRI inside the brain doctor said everything is cool but I didn't get a skull one...hmm I think there growing

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Maybe try to go to the doctor and explain your concerns

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She knows have these but yet she doesn't say anything


Just wait on her or explain your concerns either way, it'll probably help to express how you feel to her (:


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