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Health anxiety kicking in again and I thought why not turn to people on here to maybe calm me down and reassure me I'm not dying. So today I have cleaned my room then showered and everything was fine and then I had some coffee and now I feel really faint. I had to lie down with my legs up as it felt my blood pressure was low and I know that coffee can cause anxiety but usually it gives me fast heart rate and buzzing feeling in my body but also I was thinking maybe I'm feeling like that because I do suffer with iron deficiency and today I cleaned and coffee also isn't very good for iron as it kills it so maybe that's why I'm Feeling faint but for some reason I keep thinking oh god what if it's my heart and I'm dying. What if I pass out. And all that and makes me want to cry too which is why I'm trying to believe it's just anxiety kicking in thanks to caffeine but somehow I just can't get it to my head and I really don't want to start panicking coz I'll probably feel worse so I'm just wondering is it normal I feeling faint after coffee or maybe cleaning and that i shouldn't worry about my heart?

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Hi Angiecis22, even if you have anxiety, this could be a physical cause of you feeling faint. First of all, cleaning your room was physical and if you didn't hydrate during or after that time, your blood pressure could be a little low causing you to feel this way. When you drink coffee or any caffeinated beverage it also produces more dehydration. It could be a result of both. You may also need to eat something since you expended a lot of calories. As for it being your anxiety, the anxiety came after the fact. Hope this helps some. x


Thank you for responding and yeah could be true as I'm known for not drinking a lot my mum always tells me off as I hardly ever drink (I just never feel thirsty) and then I get really dehydrated so maybe it's that too


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