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Worried from anxiety

So I've struggled with anxiety for some years now. And have come to terms with my anxiety. Have been threw the fear of "losing it" and all the scary thoughts and it took years to completely get over the fear of "losing it" but had never heard of "personality disorders" and I recently became aware of it because of a person that has a personality disorder that lives by now this is a thought I can't get out of my head. "What if" I've had what she has kind a thing. I don't won't to dwell on it like I have other fears that come with anxiety. So I guess I'm just wondering if anyone can relate to the fear of multiple personality disorder? Or if anyone can help ease my mind so I don't dwell

Ps. I do not mean at all to offend anyone with talks of fear about this. As I know some people do have this illness. I hope and pray for anyone with any illness to find help.

I'm just curious if anyone can relate to me.


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In that kind of personality disorder you describe (DID) people feel that there are several of "them" and that these parts argue amongst themselves or discuss things amongst themselves. They are normally very aware of this but don't tell people because they may assume that everybody is like this. It isn't like just having different parts of you' they are like mini personalities in their own right. Sometimes they have memory loss like waking up and not knowing how they got to where they are; different personaities even have different food requirments sometimes so they eat different things (even though it's all in the same person) I knew someone with this disorder and she even moved differently in the different personalities.

I think you would probably be aware of these different personalities within in . Some can be very young eg stuck at a developmental stage of say age 7, they can be dfferent genders; this lady was also a 13 year old boy in one of her personalites, the sexuality can be different. It is a result of a coping mechanism of extreme abuse at a young age usually sexual abuse but that does not mean that everyone who has been abused will get it. It is a coping mechanism the person creates to try and cope with what is happening to them; they split off part of their personality so they don't experience the full force of the mental pain.

If you have any symptoms of total amnesia about where you've been this can also be other illnesses though so I wouldn't jump to conclusions. You would need a proper diagnosis from a pyschiatrist to say if you have got it or not.

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There are many types of personality disorders, but I don't think you have the multiple one. Your anxious thoughts are going into overload thinking 'what if.' Calm down, take a deep breath and see your doctor who may advise you on an anti-anxiety medication. Stay strong and hope your fears abate.


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