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Ongoing headaches/fatigue

So my symptoms such as headaches and dizziness are not as bad as they were but still hit me pretty hard sometimes I'm well and truly over it I have learnt to accept that these symptoms are caused by anxiety as I have been for multiple tests just waiting to see a neurologist soon

I still get freaked out by little pains here and there and get a terrible fullness feeling in my head and strong fatigue and it sucks big time

Can anxiety strike out of no where even if there is nothing for you to be stressed or worried about ?

Does anyone else get identical symptoms and how do you go about dealing with them ?

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I get lightheadedness, headaches, tired all the time, tingling, feeling of butterflies in my stomach and much more and yes it can just come out of the blue. I feel like I'm going to die and get so scared then I have a panic attack. Stay strong it dies get better.

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Curtis33, the anxiety symptoms may come out of no where even when you do not feel stressed or worried about anything. The fact is, there always seems to be a deeper reason why the anxiety exists in the first place. Somewhere along the way, whether it was a sickness, surgery, accident or life altering event, the anxiety lies dormant waiting for something to make it come to the surface. Once it does, it needs to be addressed quickly before it festers into a full blown panic attack. Using different modalities involving relaxation, deep breathing, CBT, hypnosis, biofeedback etc etc will help you cope until you can lessen the symptoms. Medication is sometimes needed while starting therapy. As long as you keep moving forward you will conquer the fear and the symptoms will disappear. x


I've been experiencing the same exact symptoms.I just try to ignore them to the best of my ability but it's very difficult. 😕


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