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Anxiety driven nausea


So for the past year or so, I've been suffering from nausea triggered by anxiety and it is starting to really bum me out (to put it lightly).

Usual routines like going to work, going out to eat is fine, but whenever I have to go somewhere unfamiliar or do something I am uncomfortable with, it seems to come on 100% of the time. Some examples of situations where I have had to hold in puke (like in the old bugs bunny cartoons where he turns green and puts two fingers on his mouth)

- In line for a roller coaster at Disney Land

- At the train station on my way to an important job related event (on two separate occasions)

- Generally when I am under extreme stress

The feeling I get is at first just general anxiety, followed by an unpleasant feeing in my throat like someone is sticking their finger to trigger my gag reflex, then I feel my stomach muscles tighten and I dry heave (or just hold in the puke)

Does anyone have similar symptoms especially the unpleasant feeling in the throat? Do you have any advice for short term solutions?

In the long term I am speaking with my doctor, and I am trying to improve my eating habits and exercise more.

I should also mention I do drink about 3 beers everyday.


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Grumpycat12, I was looking over your old posts and I remembered talking with you. Is your situation still the same with your fiancée? It doesn't surprise me that you have developed this symptom with your anxiety. Eating better and exercising will help your anxiety level but not take it away completely if you are living with stress everyday. It would be best that you speak with your doctor and maybe a therapist. I wish you well in getting this symptom under control. Take care of yourself.....

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Thanks for remembering my previous post! The situation with my fiancée has gotten a little better as I talked to her about it and she at least tries to do it less in the sink. She does still do it, which makes me believe that inside her there must be a very good reason to do it there... It may be perhaps that she can see how much "weight" she lost as opposed to flushing it down the toilet? My doctor now knows about the situation and he recommended me a book to understand bulimia. I try not to stress out too much about it now.

I can't say that my nausea is completely unrelated, but I've had this to a certain extent for nearly a decade (before I met my girlfriend) it's just that lately it is getting really hard to keep it down when I am nervous about something =(

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Hi Grumpycat12, the fact that you have had this problem of nausea for quite a while now most likely comes from the way your body processes stress. We all have different ways that stress hits us. Some with headaches, dizziness, stomach issues etc. For you it may be a way your body wants to rid you of the anxiety. I'm glad your doctor knows about the situation so he can monitor your health due to this coming more frequently. I wish your fiancée continued help with her problem. You know I understand because of my daughter being anorexic. Continue getting the support you need from this forum and your doctor. Take care.

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