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Hello everyone, ive bin drinking alcohol a lot for 9 days due to some bad news i heard about a family member and last night i was drinking cider and black and i didnt feel sick at all all night in till i tried a drink someone mixed vodka and cider and it made me sick anyway i finish up being sick it was normal sick then i walk to kitchen sniff up and all the sick smell was in my nose so i heaved again and it was like a mouthful of blood and mucus i immediately shit myself and yes i rang my mum and she said was it a lot and i said no just that one she said to come home and she read up that it from heaving to hard and something to do with my throat i felt completly fine after and it has never happened before my mum says its my body trying to say calm down what does everyone else think obviously im thinking the worse but keeping level headed


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  • Yes drinking heavily can do that try drinking some hot water but just because you said blood mucus contact your primary doctor just to be safe.

    What I think happened was two much mixing alcohol was probably to strong for your stomach and throat to handle lol slow down buddy and your body was like dude wtf are u doing and it rejected it by what you experienced

  • Thankyou yes im gonna stop drinking for a couple month now lol thanks for the reply

  • I'm so sorry about the bad news and how your feeling. We are all here to try and help you. I would lay off all alcohol and try and have friends and family around. Just remember that you will get through this and you are a strong person! God bless!

  • Cider and blackcurrant ? Do you think you might just have seen the blackcurrant as blood ? Think about it.

    However if you are regular heavy drinker you could well be vomiting blood so get it checked if it happens again


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