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Up all night ll

I just cant seem to get into sleeeping at night anymore. I watch the day break and maybe nod off for an hour or two. I like it to be honest its peaceful relaxing. I ain't going to let it bother me I am done with worry i have wasted years of my life worrying about stuff that has never happened.

O well nothing to do but watch a film with some cheese and crackers. Going to clean bathroom tomorrow beens I have drank and fed well today. So chat tomorrow folks.

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Dodo, ever since I'm not working any more, I don't worry if I can't sleep. As long as I am not in pain, who cares what time I go to bed. I get to bed late every nite without taking a nap. I seem to have a lot of energy throughout the day as well. Talk tomorrow.


Yea I ain't going to stress anymore if I cant sleep all night I cant fight or do anything.

I am a bit down my Hamster just died I had it for about two years I had him out every evening playing with him he was freezing when I picked him up making strange noises. I am sad because he was a character. I will bury him tomorrow just to make sure.

I had quite a few people here earlier dropping stuff off it startled me because i am not used to people coming here. Then my son came in with his x and baby didn't know how to feel or act I didn't say much o think I'm getting a bit senile lol. Well thats it for now.

Chat later.


Aw, I'm sorry about your Hamster. I know how we can become so attached to our little furry friends. At one time, we had a little rabbit named Jack who also had quite a personality. He provided my daughter and I plenty of hours of fun. When he died the house seemed sad w/o him. You're not getting senile lol, I would be a little tongue tied myself. At least it broke up your day some with people coming and going. Talk later :)


All I want to do now is watch TV with some crackers cheese and pate and a couple of jam peanut butter and nutella thinly spread of course I got tv on my coffee table headphones on totally cut off from reality and get stuck into some films and The Americans got 3 shows on tonight so thats me done.

After my spider dyes which I've had for 8 years thats me done with pets unless i see any abused like Harry thehhamster was kept in a cage constantly so I asked my x can I have because the novelty wore off after a couple of days her grand daughter wasn't interested in him so I gave him a better life. My boy did the same when he seen a dog locked in a shed all day and night he offered the gut 25 bucks and we had her for years unil she was knocked over o well night. X.


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