Breathing issues

I've never had asthma or any breathing issues before but since I've had anxiety I've noticed I feel like certain things trigger breathing problems. For example humid air will close my nose up and make my chest feel tight. Does anyone else have weird chest tightness and breathing issues from anxiety? I wonder if I have asthma now or if it's just anxiety. It seems to trigger sometimes when I'm not even anxious and can last for a bit. The tight/sore chest is the worst part

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  • It could be caused by anxiety, maybe it's just a physical symptom and its a sort of effect from it

  • I have the same problem. I suffer with severe anxiety but even when I feel as if I have my anxiety under control I can feel as if I'm having trouble breathing. Sometimes I feel like I'm smuthering. Certain things will trigger it such as smoke or humidity. I've had many test run and all came back good. The dr even gave me an inhailer, even tho I don't have asthma, and it doesn't help. I've come to the realization that it's anxiety.

  • Do you ever get a tight chest? That's the thing that freaks me out the most. Feels like it's not big enough or something. I just don't want to ignore asthma If somehow I suddenly have it, and I know tight chest happens with asthma

  • Yes I get chest tightness as well. Just to be in the safe side and to help put your mind saty ease you should see a doctor. Seeing a doctor actually helped me. Now that I know it's anxiety it's not as bad.

  • Thanks for your advice! Sounds like a plan

  • I've been having problems lately to where I feel it in my upper chest it feels as if I can't breathe or I'm just going to stop breathing comes out of no where and last for a while I've recently stopped smoking it's been a few days since I have it's hard to explain how it feels I guess choking or idk I hate it though

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