So I went to see a new therapist and told her all my symptoms. (Panic attacks, dizzy, heart skips, tired, anxiety,ect) and she told me this isn't anything to worry about its lymes! I went and saw "her" referral and she gave me meds. So I've been taking antimeds for 3 weeks now and don't feel any better. So I went and got a second opinion from my reg family doctor. I showed her all this blood work I've done ect and she said first off all the anti meds you are taking is not good. And she doesn't think I have lymes. The test came back saying I didn't but sometimes lymes is hard to detect. So now I'm confused cause my family doctor still thinks this is anxiety/depression. But my therapist says no it's lymes. My anxiety has been through the roof prob because I'm on so many antibiotics.

Anyways... I just wanted some support so I'm hoping to find it here. I feel so lost and just want to feel normal again!!!!!

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  • Just take a deep breath and relax, just wait on the doctor and what they tell you, be patient and don't worry about it too much, trust your doctors 😊 may God bless you

  • Lyme's can give a false negative result. I have a friend who has had it twice ! He got a negative test then a positive a few weeks later with one of the bouts. Do you have symptoms ? Did you have a noticeable tick bite ?


  • I didn't have an noticeable tick bite. Only had one time in my life when I actually found a tick on me. This was years ago. Im going to finish taking the antibiotics. I'll do whatever I have to, to feel normal again.

  • That's all you can do. You have taken the precautions.

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