Facing anxiety

Several months ago I was sweating and near panic while checking out my stuff at the checkout lane. Now I am on the other side (as a cashier) facing hundreds of customers every day. I still get get moments of anxiety and hot flashes, but it's the kind that I feel like I can manage. I knew this was going to be a HUGE challenge for me, but I purposely decided to face it head on. And I feel really good about myself stepping out of my comfort zone

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  • Wow Kainan_li, that is an amazing step forward. Never heard of someone doing that before. Hmmm switching positions. Maybe being cashier makes you feel more in control of the situation now. Brilliant! x

  • Thanks Agora1. Yes it does actually. I've been wanting to enhance my people skills for a long time and this is the way to do it :)

  • Well done. U kicked anxietys butt. 👍

  • lol thanks! :)

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