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Can anyone please tell me what is wrong with me?

Something is wrong but I don't know what! I am very outgoing and friendly, never really been a shy person. Sometimes I feel as though I do outrageous things when I'm out having fun with friends and then I will feel really down about things I've done but it's not something any other normal person would worry about (if that makes sense) I feel like nobody really likes me and people see me as a bad person or wired and it plays on my mind so much! I go in and out of being happy and social but then I just want to lock myself away and not talk to anyone, I would wish that everyone just forgot about me. I haven't spoken to anyone about this because I don't know how to explain it and I really embarrassed that this is what I'm like!!

What can I do? Should I tell someone?

I don't want to think like this anymore but I can't stop.

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You probably just feel a little guilt, theres nothing wrong with you okay ! And just cause you do some things doesn't mean your bad (: and also have confidence in yourself and believe in yourself okay !


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