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Chest pain got worse worse if felt so far.

So I was sitting down then my heart started to beat hard I was in the dark so I felt it through my neck and I could see pulsing on both sides of my neck so I try to go to my doctor but didn't make it all of the sudden felt like my chest was sinking but it started with left chest pain I couldn't breath right felt like a burning pressure in my chest I was about to pass out or die lol they took my blood pressure was 163/73 then 4 minutes later they took it again and it was 126 that's odd but when I was trying to type in 911 but I typed in 943😂 I was shouting a bit but the problem lasted 3 to 4 second then everything came back down to normal

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Colby, sounds like you had a BAD panic attack. It does play with our minds. Hope you can settle down...

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I'm actually pretty calm lol I'm just laughing at myself hard right now I feel totally fine right now still twitching alot I've noticed twitching increase when worried because they were just seem to go away and when I worrie alot they came stronger all-over. This is really effecting my school life.

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Isn't is something how the terror of anxiety can come and go. It does play with our mind and emotions. I'm glad you are feeling better now. Enjoy the rest of the day.


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