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Not Enjoying Work

I'm lucky that I've been in jobs that are related to what I studied however I'm finding work incredibly dull - constantly thinking about holidays to get me out the office. 

My last job I enjoyed the small team I worked with, we got on brilliantly and my confidence soared. At some points I was even taking on an assistant manager role when employees were off. However the management was shocking and the work/life balance barely existed. 

I looked for another job and got one that's temporary however I'm still not enjoying it as I don't feel part of the team. I'm the only person in the office who is doing my job and the rest are doing the same roles. My desk is separate from everyone elses which leads to me being left out of conversations and I feel I can't join in because it's difficult to hear what they're saying. 

Many times I've said bye and been ignored and when there was a team gathering, one of the managers was making eye contact with everyone but me. 

I'm trying to involve myself in conversations and appear smiley etc but I'm losing my confidence again and feel like I'm just hiding under my desk. Plus the team rarely tries to start conversations with me. 

I may be over analysing but that's just how my brain works. Sorry for the long post just wanted to share incase anyone has had similar experiences. 

All I want is to enjoy what I'm doing and feel part of a team - does anyone have any tips on these situations? 

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I can understand where you are coming from as well as getting the feeling that you are doing everything you can to be part of this team you are working with but it is been ignored and again I understand how this could be making you confidence plummet as you will no doubt be feeling this is something to do with you and not them but believe me it is them that have the problem and not you behaving this way towards you ! 

Today for some it can be so hard to get a job so in some ways you are lucky that you seem to be good at picking up employment so wonder if there is any chance you could look and start applying for other jobs ?

When we are working we spend a lot of our life there so to some extend it has to be enjoyable or the days will seem long and it will get you down 

Sometimes people can be oblivious to how they are making people feel they are so wrapped up in themselves and I wonder if maybe speaking to a Manager or even the rest of the group and letting them know how you are feeling might be enough to shock them and change their attitude ?

It would take some courage and may seem daunting but it could actually work and from what you say with their lack of communication towards you what could be the worst thing that could happen that they don't talk or include you which is what they are doing already :-o 

Not sure if this will help but do feel for you and I hope you can get it sorted one way or another but be assured you are not the first that has found themselves in this situation and regretfully will not be the last and most importantly please remember this is no reflection on you as a person rather than them !

Take Care and let us know how you get on :-)

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Thanks for the great advice, it's nice to be reassured that it's other people's fault at times as I'm constantly blaming myself! 


We always do , think that is part of anxiety that comes with low self esteem but believe me when I read your post I just thought what horrible , selfish people you have to work with and because it hurts you so much that shows what a compassionate person you are :-)

I really do hope things improve but keep coming and talking and getting it of your chest if you need to , to know people are listening does help and we are here for you :-) x  

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