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Hi, I've recently had an appointment at the Dermatologist where they took some photos of a Mole I was convinced was Cancerous.

The Doctor I'd previously seen said it was fine and nothing to worry about but me being me wouldn't listen, she said she can refer me to a Derm but she didn't think it was needed but for my peace of mind she would refer me.

3 weeks after my appointment and after id started to come to the opinion that the mole is just that a mole, I get a letter saying they Diagnosed it as a Benign Compound Naevus, but theres subtle pigmentation so they want to look at it again in 2 weeks. (1 month since last appointment) and if no change, they will discharge me.

Now with my HA, I am worried sick that something's wrong, why do they want to see me again if it was OK!

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I understand your fear I have and can still suffer with HA and know what it is like to worry and as soon as we hear something we are of and reason does not come into the equation but hopefully any replies you get will help you to put this back into perspective :-)

The good news is it is Benign which means it is not cancerous so nothing to worry about at all !

The reason they are seeing you again in a couple of weeks is to just check it is still looking the same and then they know there is no need to see you any more !

Loads of us have these kinds of moles I do and you did the right thing getting it checked and once you have been discharged there is nothing to worry about , if it changes in size , texture or color then you pop back and that is an " if " because you are aware of it if ever they thought it needed removing they just take them of and the chance you will get cancer well it would be so remote it is not worth thinking about 

Please try not to worry I know easier said than done but this is really not going to turn out to be what your HA is playing on , maybe if you think you cannot stop thinking about it at your next appointment tell them about your HA and ask if they would remove it anyway ? that could be an option if it would make you feel better :-)

Let us know how you get on after your appointment , I am sure everything will be fine :-)

Take Care x 


thing that is still worrying me is that I have to go back due to Subtle Irregular Pigmentation. :(


It is procedure and they have to carry it out even though they are not concerned it is anything sinister , they have to do this so they can discharge you and be seen to have done their job properly , try not to worry you will be fine :-) x


Thank you for you reply 

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Went back to see derm and she said straight away its all OK, looked at it with her camera or whatever and said nothing to worry about......relief..........But..

Then she said, but I would like to see you at the end of the summer, its nothing special, I just ask everyone to come back after a summer of exposure.......Gutted!

All I keep thinking is if the Moles OK and you've said its ok, why waste your time seeing me again! surely I should be advised to just do checks every 6months or whatever, if I notice any change go back to doctor?



Well the way I see it is you are lucky that you are been offered a follow up :-)

She has said it was fine which I am pleased you got this news and chances are it will stay that way and yes you could check it yourself but they are going to do it for you which in a way because they are the specialists should give you peace of mind because they know exactly what to look for :-)

See how you feel between now and your next appointment , when you go back if they say again we will see you in 6 months then put your cards on the table as we say round here and tell them this is making you doubt and making you feel anxious and therefore could they just remove it ?

In lot's of cases if you have other reasons such as anxiety to want something like this removed they will :-) x


Hey there McKean.  I first would say that it was diagnosed as benign so that should relieve most of any anxieties you have regarding it being cancerous because that says right there it's not.    Just go for the follow up and take it from there but I would try not to stress because you have the important answer:  Benign.    take care


thing that is still worrying me is that I have to go back due to Subtle Irregular Pigmentation. :(


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