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Help please I want this anxiety to stop if anyone has had any similar experiences to me

It's been close to two years and it all the sudden came back I can't at all its too hard an when I try it usually triggers an attack but after I take my meds I burp alot which only enough helps an I'm able to eat fine so I eat alot while I can my neck always feels tight an headaches dizziness I don't move at all any day I just lay down cause if I move I'm too dizzy feel like I might faint it all started back in 09/2010 had a tumor in my thyroid which caused most of it all I could eat was baby food nothing solid had it removed then I was a year or so later it all came back again I was bed ridden for a year or so all I could put down was baby food an then like magic it was gone I kicked the pills ate normal was good now the present  2 years or so  later it has come back and idk why I feel horrible and I just want it to stop. Has anyone had any problems like this any help will be very appreciated thank you.

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I am so sorry you are suffering with your anxiety 

Have you spoken to your Doctor about how bad this is affecting you , you could really do with some support and if you can I would speak with them 

I hope you have family and friends that can support you to and you have this Community where you can come and talk about how you feel , we may not have all the answers but we are good at listening and we do understand how anxiety feels 

I wondered if you had looked at some of the other Communities on Health Unlocked you can join as many as you want if they will help you and there is one called Thyroid UK which if you post your concerns over your health and eating due to your op you may get some good advise on there as well 

I will put you the link on so you can take a look :-)

Take Care x

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Thank you I have recently gone to doctors but the process is just taking so long and it's just getting worse I do but it's just hard for them to understand how bad it is an serious it is I can't even eat. Thank you for reply I'll check out link

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