I'm so scared someone please help me

I'm only 16, I'm a young female! A few months back I started staying up really late crying too scared to go to sleep because I always thought I was going to die, i felt I was going to take a heart attack and die I'm really scared I was going to phone for an ambulance I was a week free of this and now tonight my chest felt weird it would sometimes hurts and others would be fine but it would be my back the would hurt, I'm actually terrified I'm so scared what can this be please I need someone to help me! Mum said I'm okay but I don't feel okay I need some reassurance, I've had a brouse threw the Internet and its saying about anxiety but I'm not sure I'm going to get checked soon 


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  • My anxiety started when I was 19. Ask your mum to take you to a counselor / therapist who specializes in anxiety. It's not enough for your mum and others to tell you you're fine. With anxiety, you just don't believe it. A therapist who specializes in anxiety will help you cope with the anxiety and put things in perspective. You are not the only one who feels this way. Physical symptoms cause anxiety, and anxiety causes physical symptoms. It's a vicious circle. My therapist had me keep a journal of what I thought would happen (faint, heart attack, die in my sleep, etc.) and write what actually happened (didn't faint, have a heart attack or die in my sleep). It helped me to see that everyday I had the same symptoms, and they were never fatal. Have hope. 

  • It is a good idea you have to get checked out by the doctor, just to rule out any medical issues.

  • Hun...calm yourself down...turn on some meditation music or look up positive affirmation videos. I know it is very scary when I first started my panic attacks...I did call the ambulance...I was terrified. After I understood what they were and after many EKG's , heart test, blood work, 3 ambulance rides later...I discovered that I am going to be okay. It's scary, but I will not die. Try to get a therapist they really help.

  • hi dear don't worry,u are not alone to suffer from this,stay strong and pray to GOD,i suffered from these thinkings 4 months ago but i m much better now ALHAMDULILLAH,change yourself to healthy habits ,take exercise and watch this video,may be this will help u,wish u best of luck.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PYgrEnOmDVY

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