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Is any1 like me??

Hello all i just want to know if any 1 has the same or somthing close to my issues.

.cronic gastritus.




.stomach ulsers and d1 erosions.

.hiatal hernia.

.and a valve in the small stomach that dont close.

All the ^^^ has been diagonosed over a 5yr time span and i have had many endoscopys and biopsys confurming this mess .any help /advice as i feel i canot be helped any more? (Scale of 1-10) 9 all days peace and love all

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I have all of that 😦


How are things for you?

How do u cope?

Are u currently employed?

Soz i have so many questions as iv never met any1 like me .

I went to my gp today and have been sigend off for 21days?????how will this help??what now??? Thanks peace and love


Well i have alot of what u describe since childhood. Hiatal hernia, ibs, gerd, reflux, panic attacks that made me faint (didnt know it was that back then). Hiatal hernia & reflux just subsided over the yrs. ibs ive learned to live with in avoiding trigger foods or dealing with the pain. Panic attacks & anxiety is a whole other story. It will come in cycles if you are not managing your stress.


Ok cool im glad you have a better story :) 

I have been to my gp today and have been giver raboprzole and  anti sickness tabs /at least iv stopped being sick /for now.

I rember my ibs was under some controle but due to the non closing valve and hernia i can only assume that it has a bigger part .

I have a consoltation on the 31st so fingers crossed for a better tommrow peace and love 


I will say that anything digestive does get aggravated with stress

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Hello i have so many questions 

How long have you had the "list" and how do you cope ?

Are u working ?

Any advice ?

Thanks peace and love


I do work. Always have. When i had a breakdown in march, my gp told me same 3 weeks. But i toughed it out and just set strict boundaries for myself at work


I love your drive.

Same here i have worked my whole life 2 (im 28) up until now:( .

I just cant seem to keep food/water down anymore /that starts off the ibs/gastritus ect.

I went self employed to try to keep things "simple" in terms of time off but its just got to much all round .

Hope 4 a better tommrow a 

Peace n love 


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