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Anxiety & venting . Want to relax 😩


I had such crazy anxiety the other night . My sinuses are still bothering me so I already have trouble breathing properly & my ears feel like crap. Well it all came on when I dozed off randomly , I tried opening my eyes , then it was like my eyes were open but I still felt sleepy , for a split second ..then woke up . I panicked ever since , had crazy palpations, then my ears were burning , I had all these aches in the back of my head, & under my ear , then in the front of my neck , on the lower part. Later in the night , I tried getting more sleep , then in an area on my upper back around the lower part of my neck it tensed up then my left arm, well mostly my forearm & hand got so tense, it was hard to feel anything ..I had so much gas around my chest to , all these little aches, tried to doze off again then felt some odd sensation all over like I was lightheaded  ..I felt faint, too. Finally got some sleep but now I woke up feeling so off. It's so annoying & tiring .the back of my head near my ear still aches a bit . I still feel off & my ears are crackling like popcorn. I feel drunk somewhat . I'm not necessarily looking for advice on this but of course if you all could relate or know what's up it'd be helpful to me 🙊. I wanted to vent that's all lol . 

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I suffer with sinus problems have for years and when they are at their worse I get a lot of what you explained in your post and we feel so down with it that then it can make us feel anxious and so the pals start and the tension creating all the pain in the neck through been so tense , I hope you are feeling a lot better now :-)

Have you spoken with your Doctor about how you feel ? could need some antibiotics if it has got infected 

Try at night to get your pillows as high as possible helps a little :-)

Hope venting how you felt helped also and knowing that you have been heard and we do understand how anxiety affects us especially when we are feeling generally unwell 

Take Care x


Hi bounce .. Yes my sinuses are better. I talked to my dr & got some antibiotics. I also alternate between using lavender & peppermint oil . I use peppermint during the day because of the refreshing smell then lavender in the evenings to relax me . The tense neck sucks tho . It's ridiculous because I want to work out , but I'm pacing myself :)  I like to vent on here though . It definetly helped lol. Thanks for the advice too :)


Glad you are feeling a lot better :-) x


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