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The Theory Didn't Work

I thought if I could chase anxiety , anxiety would leave me alone but thats not the case.  

All I know is that it comes in waves.  A week might be good and then it will start up the following week.  I'm trying to focus on meditation and hypnosis but that doesn't seem to impact me very much,  It reduces my anxiety by 25% if I had to put a scale to it.  

Not sure what I should do..

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Hang in there, it will get better just take it easy and think positive, take it day by day (:


saroth22,  you need to find something that works for you and reduce your anxiety by more than 25%.   When you find what works for you, it would be best to use it immediately before anxiety takes hold.  Wish  you well.


Just continue to do what you are doing you are in a 'set back' I just came out of a month long set back after feeling great for a month. Unfortunately it's not a quick fix it takes a lot of work and persistence which is annoying as all we want is for it to leave NOW and never come back lol

Keep fighting!!


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