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I'm gettin abit tired of this now...litralley

Ok so I'm coping  a lot better with my anxiety,upto now it seems I only use my meds once a week, which is now makin me think well if I'm only using it once a week do I really need it. my husband I think is now starting to understand the whole anxiety as beginning he didn't understand it at all but now he's been amazing.BUT I'm still getting the exhaustion feelings, and Im getting so tired and fed up of it now. I've gone back to work, which first 2 shifts weren't great but tonight was a good first shift, no anxiety or panic attacks (bonus) 😄 But when I do simple things like WALKING not running just walking I get out of breath and feel like my hearts going by the dozen but when I feel my heart it's beating ok. My legs get so tired easily and I feel tired really really easily, when I do my house work I'm so exhausted in the end, I can't get myself too excited or get stressed as it sets my heart off and feel exhausted.

does anybody else feel exhausted redicuously  easily were u feel u can't do anythin without getting out of breath? I just hope it's part of anxiety, do you think I should get myself checked out at the doctors? Xx

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Yeah I get tired abnormally easy. I used to run 3 miles no problem but get tired after walking 1 or 2 now. I think it's anxiety but im always worried it's not. I guess it makes sense since with anxiety you get worse sleep (Atleast I do) and you're excited more often from stress so you use more energy. It sucks but hopefully it all goes away soon 


Yes I get tired easily too and have days were I need lay down most of the day. Fatigue is listed as a symptom of anxiety try taking a multivitamin or drinking green tea to give you a kick.

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I love green tea I'll definalty give that a try while I'm at work tonight. The docter said I was low on vitamin D so I'll start taking more vitamins too :) thanks :) xx


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