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Kombucha Tea

Hey guys I wanted to know if any of you have ever drank kombucha before. I started last week, I had a couple of stressful days when my heart was beating real fast, I couldn't calm down and my heart rate was up.  I drank a 8 oz of homemade kombucha, I tell you, it wasn't 5 minutes I was calm and cool like a cucumber lol!!! I now drink it everyday immediately I get sooo calm. It says when I read up on it that it's used for stress, I don't buy into all the negative things about it. I know people whose drank kombucha for years. I thought I would just pass it along for anyone whose interested, it's better then being heavily medicated if u don't have to be.

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I was scared after reading the bad side I pretty much just stick with the chamomile tea..


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