Yesssss :)

Ok I did it, after 3 weeks off being off work I faced my biggest fear of my anxiety which is going to work. It might not seem so hard but I work in a smallish busy pub, and 2-3 weeks ago me being in a public place with aload of people around me had me in panic attacks, so knowing Thursday nights can be really busy and with it being my first shift back I was so nervous, the first 2 hours was awful, I was really light headed, felt sick as a dog and I just wanted to be home, my legs was like jelly. But by about half 8-9:00 I started to calm down and started to get use to the surroundings, it wasn't a perfect night but I faced my fears and got my bum Into work :) the people I work are so funny when they are together so they cheered me up and took my mind of things now and again. I'm so exhausted now tho my legs are like jelly :( but I  feel like I'm slowly breaking down a wall piece by piece. I'm just abit worried it won't be so good tomorrow, I'm abit scared of getting my hopes up :( xx


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  • Celebrate this victory! Take it one step at a time! You can do this! 

  • Yeah!  This is really good news!  You're getting there for sure

  • Well Done! Pat yourself on the back, you did great! :) :)

  • You did it tho, and the more you do it the easier it should become. Well done. 

  • Well done. YOU did it! DON'T think about tomorrow k!? Just live in THIS moment. Tomorrow will take care  pf itself.

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