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Hi all, I just joined after reading some posts for a few weeks. I started having anxiety about 1 yr ago.  It started out of nowhere. I'm 50 and going through menopause and disguised with hyperthyroid.  The dr kept changing my meds and the this anxiety and panic hit me.

I just want to be normal again and stop all of the racing thoughts, fear, and worry. 

I'm trying to find coping info and how to stop this cycle.

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There can be lots of health reasons for anxiety that can be nothing to do with external influences which I'm sure you're aware of. Just to say that I went through a similar thing when I hit pre Menopause and I use a cream everyday which is really helpful called Menogest. I found it easier to order online from Swanson Direct which is cheaper and actually comes quicker than other main UK provider who I had a bit of a hard time with. Swanson Direct was much better. Anyway all in it cost about £6 delivered for one little jar which should last around month or longer. So it might be worth a shot and I hope it helps. It's a 97% natural progesterone cream and progesterone can convert to oestrogen if needed in the body. It helped my anxiety massively. One other thing that helped me was Gaba which you can also get some Swanson at a low cost. Hope helpful. If you like the cream and you do order it online from the US keep your order under £15 in total including delivery after converting to £ and that will avoid you having to pay taxes excetera. so order small and often is what I do but not too close together or they will add them together as one order if that makes sense (:


Thanks for the information.  I will look into that and give it a try

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Hi and welcome 😊 and we're all here for you and we're going to support you and I pray you will get your life together, I'm sorry that anxiety has hit you, its not easy 


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