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Oh my gosh. What can I say except thank goodness there are others like me out there. I was beginning to feel like I am the only one in this town that feels this way. Although I know that's not true. I had my first panic attack when I was 18 and I thought I was going crazy and was going to end up in a padded cell at the nuthouse. There was no internet back then so I really felt alone and my mon thought I was nuts too and wasn't really mych help. Sigh. I an 47 and sufferring now from my fourth panic/anxiety episode where I get into this loop about something and for whatever reason it sends me into panic and I have all sorts of physical symptoms, the mist recent being inability to swallow?!? Jeeze! This stinks but it will pass as it has before. But when you're in it, it is scary as hell. My attack was brought on by a recent upper GI but I gad already been suffereing from a horrific trauma at work. I had never been put to sleep as I am terrified of that and I am an OR nurse!!! Well, that was ok but it was afterwards I was sure my esophagus had been punctured or I was going to die of an infection. I got on Mr. Google which I know is stupid, but I couldn't help it, which made things much worse. I have had difficulty swallowing after the EGD to the point where I take a few bites, my neck gets tight and I stop eating. Stay off Mr. Google no matter what, ok! 

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That's so true because goggle stuff makes things worst. That's why i had to stop for my own good


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