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Lack of appetite and nausea all the time

For the last 2 weeks or so my appetite is totally gone...and im nauseous all day doesnt really go away even when i do eat seems to get worse...i have been dealing with a lot of stress the last couple husband almost died and like 2 weeks later he got pneumonia and was really sick also a mother of 6 kids, so theres everyday stress with that, but it usually doesnt bother me this way...has anyone had this problem before? It just feels its never going to go away and its making me miserable

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I can't tell you what you have but maybe these physical symptoms could be cause by anxiety and all the stress you're having and I pray your husband will get better 


I also pray your husband gets better.  Could this be number 7 in the over making you so nauseas that you're not aware of?


No def not number 7...i know that for sure


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