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Down and out

hi, I'm not sure where or how I have arrived at this place, mentally and physically. I'm drained from just thinking about it. I'm so stressed out and anxiety has taken hold of my life. I use to experience anxiety but managed to control it in away that it did not control me. However it's back now ten years later with a vengeance. My throat feels like  it's swelling up, my gagging is therefore at an all time high. I'm just about to finish Uni where I returned as a mature student and I think the thought of the next step has me throttled. Even writing this my throat swells, and I'm just on the mints to try to keep it relaxed. Is there any tabs I can take to get rid of this! Please any advice will be hugely accepted

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NJ Martin

I think we all know how it feels to be so drained out.I can remember feeling if I cannot fight this thing anymore.

You have done it before, you have managed it before - The enemy is the same, and just fight it again.

I have just written a blog post about Rooibos tea  that may help you, but I think other members on this forum may help you with some names of tabs you could take.

My experiance was that it was not my throat that was the main problem, it was my head. 

After I sorted out my head the lump in my throat was gone.   

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Thanks Janco,

Did you sort out your head yourself or seek professional help?

Thank you for the feedback. I know I managed to keep it at bay for years, whenever it tried to creep back in I managed to say no not this time. But this last episode I lost the battle. I know I'm mentally strong to beat it but, I thought it had taken daily control now. Thanks again for the reply because even talking about it helps and takes a slight edge off.

Rooibos tea awaits me


I did go to a psychiatrist, who helped me very much.

I did use some meds(cannot remember the name) for a while, but I was taken off it slowly.

I also saw a psychologist for a while who helped me with some breating technics and behaviour/thought methods (CBT - Cognitive Behavior Therapy).

Read my post at:   for more info.

Hope it helps you.


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