head pains

iv been getting pains all over my head for over the past month. my eyes go blurry and my head feels pressured. its not a serious pain more a dull pressure. im worried its something serious. scared to go opticians incase they see something in the back of my eye which is how most brain tumours are found. its not bad enough for a migraine but doesnt feel like tension either because my nexk doesnt hurt. i thought it may have been due to my citroplam tablets but cane iff them and im still having them. im starting to get back knto my old ways and panic again. can anyone shed some light? x


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3 Replies

  • Hi kylie I have headaches  on a regular basis I have a contition called avm which is rare over the years I have learnt how 2 deal with them and I think u are having a tension or migraine headache I no they can last a while so the best way is 2 try 2 relax lay down somewhere and just let ur muscles relax start with ur feet and move up ur body legs buttocks back shoulders arms neck and then back down again concentrate on each part. This works 4 me this seems 2 relieve  the pressure  in my head. I usually  do this 4 about 15 to 20mins. Remember 2 isolate each body part and think about each part ur relaxing. Alan 1010 it will get better.

  • thank you i will definitely try this. its starting to annoy me now. its not a terrible pain more like an annoying pressure where i feel i need to push on my scalp to try and relieve it. my eyes also blur too which could mean i need an eye test as iv never been for one but cant imagine thats the sort of pain id get related to my eyes. thank you alan x

  • I'm also on citalopram and had this side effect in the beginning but i do remember reading on other sites that people continued to have this well after stopping the medication. 

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