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Hopless situation

How can i go to hospital, and after every tests and observation from my Dr, i was told i am ok. Imagine how i was demanding the doctor to tell me that something is wrong. What kind of condition is this. I was suppose to be happy when dr said i'm ok but hell no,i was only hoping for a sickness.How can i be wishing and hoping for sickness.Every normal human being would be happy if they are told they are ok but not me.which way to go now. I cant continue living this way. My question is,has anyone get rid of this or is it a hopless situation?

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Oh how I know what you mean. I have been to the er over 10x and the Dr's can't find nothing. It's frustrating because you want the Dr's to say sone thing is wrong so it can be fixed and over with


Yes that is it. How are u getting along. Any hope?


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