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I have been suffering for only nearly a month with anxiety after having my first panic attack. I admire the strength of those of you who have been living like this for years.

I am lying in bed getting myself worked up about going back to work tomorrow and I'm thinking about how lucky I am to have a wonderful family, friends and boyfriend and it makes me realise that mental health issues really can affect anyone at any time.

Hoping I have the strength to get through it but it helps me reading posts from those who are learning or have learnt to deal with their symptoms. 

Thanks to this page for allowing me to just lay down and type out my feelings whenever I feel the need to xxx 

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Hello & Welcome :-)

How are you feeling now ?

Have you gone back to work and how are you coping with it ?

It is nice that you have a good support system though family and friends that goes a long way and you can always ask for more from your Doctor if you feel you need it :-)

I am pleased you are finding it helpful to have somewhere you can come and know you are not alone with how you feel anymore and talk :-)

Take Care x


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