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Is it normal to feel a deep feeling in your stomach as it you did something wrong? Cause everyday for the last year or two I've been getting that feel as if I've done something that I shouldn't have even though I've done nothing. I'm not sure if it's nervousness, anxiety or anything like that.

I'm 14 so I don't really know anything about anxiety or anything like that cause I'm pretty sure I don't have anxiety but now and than I think I do cause I'm basically hopeless when I comes to socialising I know it's not shyness cause I'm not really a shy person but I'm thinking I have social anxiety.

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You are so very young and I feel how you are feeling is like a lot of young people feel as they are growing up they just don't always talk about it like you are and well done talking about how you feel because if you let people know , people you can trust they can help and support you threw what is possibly a phase you are going through from the transition from child to adult which can be a very difficult time 

Can you talk to your parents , relative , sibling , friend teacher at school about how you feel they could offer you support and parents usually will want to support their children through what can feel a difficult time  

The more you worry and question yourself about how you feel the more you will feel different and if there is something wrong , I am sure you have lots of positives about you that you are missing and focusing in on the negative feelings and thoughts , try listing the positive things about yourself and focus and build on those :-)

Don't compare yourself to others accept you are an individual and perfect the way you are , who wants to be a clone anyway :-D

I just have to say with you been 14 that there is a post to the side of the page that states you need to be 16 to be a member on HU , so maybe you could put into Google anxiety for 18 's and under and see what support there is for young people and also if you can tell your parents how you feel let them know that you have joined this Community and let them guide you , above all with anything on the internet stay :-)

Take Care x


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