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Wired sensations around my body each day, freaking out

I keep getting this wired feeling on my for head. Its like someone was applying pressure on it and it feels slightly tinggly. I have also been experienceing a wired feeling on the back of my head, it feels as if it was numb, but it only happens on the left side. Sometimes I feel pressure or pain around my chest area. Sometimes its in the middle, left side or right side. And below where my heart is I have also gotten pains there. As well as my whole right arm. Couldn't move it properly without feeling any pain. And I feel pain on my upper back, or a stiff neck( I have it every single day). When I get these feelings, I can't help but to freak out thinking that some thing is wrong with me. And like always I end up searching it up and get answers from WebMD that say that I either have something like a heart disease(which led to me not wanting to eat anything) appendix(when I felt pain on the right side of my abdomen) when one arm felt strange it said that is one of the symptoms of a stroke or something like that. Can't do this anymore I always end up freaking out when I get a symptom that hurts me or feels strange. I think that just makes it worse. Do I have health anxiety or just regular anxiety? I just don't know anymore.

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Hi xoxox,  it is health anxiety when it jumps from one medical symptom to another. Getting answers from WebMD is not a good idea you know because it doesn't take into consideration that you suffer from anxiety.  Those answers are meant for the person who isn't anxious and suffers with one thing and one thing only.  You will be okay.  By feeding into these fears it is just making you feel overwhelmed. 

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xoxox,  there was a time that I suffered from health anxiety.  Back then they were as kind to call it that, I was called a hypochondriac by my doctor.  Since I didn't believe what the doctors told me and was afraid they missed something, I got together a team of doctors that specialized in different parts of my body.  I still was told it was anxiety.  I got so overwhelmed in always worrying what was next to happen that I started in therapy.  I found out it wasn't medical doctors I needed for my symptoms but a therapist who could help me mentally process what was happening.  Does that make any sense to you?  Our anxiety does this to us, it is not coming from our body.


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