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Finding hard to explain how I feel


I've had a really rubbish evening so far! My chest has felt so tight and I have got this really horrible lightheadedness, everytime I move I feel really woozy. It doesn't feel like my "normal" lightheadedness. When I stand up I feel like a lot of pressure rushes to my head.

What is the point of anxiety!? Why does it not go away! I'm not depressive person! I have a great life and a solid beautiful family! I loved life before this! I was so socialable, funny, loud!! Full of life :( it breaks my heart that I'm now just a shell of who I was, in my head I know I want to be that person again, I keep fighting but these PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS keeps knocking me back!!!!! 

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I completely understand what you mean. I also am very lucky and have a great life but I am consumed by my worries and health anxiety. I find it so frustrating like my mind and body can't agree. Deep down I know I'm okay but my body throws a random pain and I can't help but worry and over think it! It makes me angry that I can't seem to get on top of my crazy thoughts. Like you I was happy had a few knocks in life but who hasn't? 

I think it's mind over matter but if I find I am able to do that I'll let you know. :-) 

I know exactly how you feel, I too have a great life, I've not long got married, got a beautiful home,a beautiful son n believe it or not I actually enjoy my job but I'm constantly feeling on edge, anxious, constantly feeling dizzy like vertigo constantly, I feel really sick when I eat n I just don't feel like myself at all it's horrible X

Hi JLouise,  It sounds like your evening hasn't been too good so far.  You know your chest being so tight is causing that lightheadedness.  That's because you are shallow breathing because of the chest tightness.  It a vicious circle.    It sounds like you have all the makings of a happy life but somewhere along the way anxiety intruded.  When I was your age, my anxiety started after I had my first child.  I thought I had it all, our first house, a full time job, a good supportive family, so why was I so anxious.  It wasn't until later years that I realized it was because (for me) having a child that I was responsible for now started putting health worries in my mind.  The what if I got sick and couldn't take care of a baby, what would happen.  And it snowballed.  Just a thought, anxiety usually starts with something gnawing at us.    I do hope you find a way to be who you were once before.  xx

I swear I could of written your post as that's me to a tea !! 

Me too, plus my vision gets spotty often as well. Would love to have an "anxiety off" switch sometimes that would stop all the snowballing of the physical symptoms. Hang in there, your not alone. 😊😊

I don't feel like my breathing is a problem, sometimes it just feels as if my chest is tight or I have a sharp pain. The lightheadedness was one of my first symptoms I had when this all started in Nov 2014! (I can't believe it's been that long) and it's one of the worst because it literally stops me doing anything. 

I've never suffered with anything like this before, I don't have any family members that do either. I can't just sit back and let this take over my life I'm only 26 😖

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My anxiety started Nov 2014 also I had my second child Aug 2014. I completely relate I have no reason to be this way my life is great but I feel like shit and now it's become depression I gues because I've been feeling this way for so long and I'm over it. Everyday is a battle the physical symptoms are what stops me from getting better if they would go away I feel like I could get back to my old self.

I hope we can all come out of this xxx

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That is exactly how I see it! On the odd day I feel hardly any physical symptoms I find myself doing stuff again, joking, laughing. Then it all creeps back. Depression definitely becomes a factor but it's because we feel crap! Not because we are depressed?! Why don't the bloody doctors get that?!!

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