anxiety and my brain

i feel as if my brain is becoming more and more 'stupid.' like i cannot concentrate on words or take in sentences sometimes like my brain is forcing me to blank out everything and i feel that i may be developing a brain disease or tumour or that i will become severely mentally disabled and not be able to function or use my motor skills. i am so terrified, i have moments like these a lot but right now it is extremely bad, i have bad short term memory like i won't be able to remember what i did a couple days ago or weeks ago I just feel as if I am slowly losing my mind. (I'm only 19)

Does anyone else with anxiety/depression have these episodes/symptoms? are they even related to anxiety/depression? I am absolutely petrified that I will lose all my memory or end up being disabled. 

even when i read over what i just wrote i couldn't understand/take it in like my brain is blind or something??? please tell me this is not a sign of an even more damaging mental illness?

I don't know if I can go through this anymore and I have had 5 psychotic episodes, I just do not know how long I can survive on this planet. If it is going to be like this for most of my life then I do not want to be here. But I could never leave my loved ones behind. I feel like I am going to be stuck in this hell until I eventually die. 

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  • I am exactly the same and I try and stop myself from worrying and thinking too much into it. Pitt heads automatically think it's going to be something really bad when it's not! I always worry about my memory, I think at the moment it's the main thing I worry about but I think because we're more focused on it it's always going to seem worse than it is! So much is going through our brains all the time that things may seem a little fuzzy and blurry. I sometimes wake up and feel like the previous day was a dream but you need to try and stay calm. Sometimes someone can say something to me and because there is so much going on in my head I can't remember what I answered and then I can feel a panic starting to come on! Just try not to focus on it too much! ( a lot easier said than done I know!!!) hope you can relax a little 😊

  • I've had crazy symptoms that popped out of nowhere and I'm 24 so I understand how you feel I remember I called my dad and told him bye because I thought I was going crazy and that "I wasn't here" well fortunately I am here now and j didn't get sent away I was just having different kind of panic attack and it was happening to me every day. Drinking chamomile lavender tea is very soothing but another thing that helped me was changing my diet completely. No more gluten which can also trigger anxiety and you should try to occupy your mind everyday have a calendar of different things to do. It'll be hard at first or at least for me it was but the more you just fight through it and try to enjoy your life while you are here the more it'll slowly hide away. I can happily say that after 4 months of not being able to sleep like a normal person I have finally been able to the past 2 weeks and I am feeling a lot better. I didn it the natural way by drinking chamomile every day and also I bought this 911 mouth spray for anxiety that is natural and helped me every time I started to get diZzy. I would suggest you go to a nature store and get anxiety relief things:) 

    Also make sure you take probiotics I take them every day so that it can make your stomach strong and brings good bacteria.

    I take this mood probiotic make sure it's in the fridge those work better :)

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