How bad is it when you start to write a letter of complaint, you get palpitations, missed beats and haven't even printed or posted the darn thing. can't cope with this, thought process so bad, so i write that I'm not happy that this person treated me this way, (hearts take off, i almost jump out my skin), save the letter and now what do i do, daren't look at it or attempt to finish it


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  • I get the same way.   That's because our minds are going faster down the

    road then we are physically capable of doing.  Walk away for a while.

    Take some deep breathes and return and finish what you started.  If you

    don't it will still be on your mind and produce the same symptoms.

  • Hello 

    Well I do not think it is daft but a normal reaction when you have an anxious personality , I mean who like's complaining ?

    So the anxiety is going to get in the way of something that must have upset you that you feel you need to complain grrr that anxiety !

    I am a bit stubborn and even if my heart was doing somersaults I would hang on in there till I had got it all down 

    Maybe if you did the complaint with your mind in mode you are writing it down for you to get it of your chest might help ?

    Then if you manage that come back on and we will help you get it in that post box and beat the anxiety together :-)

    Take Care x 

  • May I make a suggestion? Try 400 mgs of magnesium with 50 mgs of calcium twice daily? ( but ask your doctor first it has worked for me since I was 16 years old I am now 42? Pvc's and pac's along with etopic beat's have plagued me forever and this calm's them down almost to a halt!!!

  • What type of magnesium?

  • Magnesium oxide you can buy it at Walmart 400 mg's it takes a couple of days to build up in your system but once you do your palp's should subside. Don't forget to chew a couple of tum's with calcium when you take it?? And don't take to much at once cause you will be running to the bathroom if you do? And as alway's I am not a doctor and you should get the advice from a doctor before you begin a new medication. Good luck

  • Thank you 😊

  • Your very welcome I hope that it helps you. That tip was given to be by a board certified cardiologist. Let me no if it works for you?

  • Will do, thank u

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