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Face tingles


For most the day today my face has had a funny tingle sensation.

This isn't the first time.

Also my head feels fuzzy, I can't even explain it.

I feel like I'm going to die! Sounds really dramatic.

Can this be anxiety? . I'm driving myself mad.

does anybody else suffer from face tingles?

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My face has been like this for 2 days also. Hot and tingley for most of the day. Doesn't really look red but very annoying.


Yes I had it today and once I calmed down it went away. It's scary when new symptoms pop up :(

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Yes I do and head tingles too I also get fuzzy and foggy headed and feel like something bad will happen to me. You are not alone


I've had this in the past. Hope you feel better soon 

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My head gets fuzzy sometime and I start forgetting everything, extremely scary I know! 

I feel like I'm going to die too and it's sad. I can't even live life properly cos of death fear. It's horrible and it's stopped me from doing so many things I've wanted too. It's all anxiety we just need to learn how to control it.

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Holly, I'm having it today and I don't like it.  My face feels

weird and my head is fuzzy.   It's hard not to be afraid

but I will not let this take over.  I will start with meditation

and deep breathing and then get into something that takes

my mind off this anxiety causing symptom.   At least you know

you aren't the only feeling this, if that's any consolation.

I hope  you are better today Holly. 


I'm also experiencing it right now.My left cheek goes from feeling tingling to almost like a burning sensation.I've had this once before so I'm not to worried about it...my plan is to keep myself distracted today and hopefully it goes away.

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I've had tongue tingles and numbness for 2 days already...that's scary, never had it before. but anyway, that's anxiety.. You just need to relax and give yourself some self-care. 

I've already been through episodes of a tingle sensation in my head.. Sometimes I'd feel my head vibrating. But eventually it would go away. Make sure that you constantly massage your head, it does help!!


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