I had a few days of not really worrying much, which is good for me. Started with a sore throat again yesterday and the worries all came flooding back 😩 As soon as I get any symptom I get so frightened and think the worst, it's so horrible. My children have just broke up from school and I really would like to be able to enjoy the holidays, I am hoping I will be able to take them out somewhere, even if it's just the park, I'm not sure if il be able to though 😭 Anyone else get like this x

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  • Hello

    I relate to you :-)

    This is Health Anxiety always ready to grab you and get you under it's power again especially when it realizes you have had a few good days !

    Push it out the way , try and get your positive thinking back , ask yourself how many times you have thought something major is wrong and it has turned out to be nothing and neither will this , see it for what it is a sore throat , thousands get one even though it is bad timing when the kids are breaking up but plenty of fluid , lemon and honey maybe , keep the mind focused ( I know it is not easy but you can do it ) and I hope you get some nice days like it is here today and you manage to get the kids out to the park or somewhere and shall look forward to seeing where you went :-)

    Take Care x

  • Yes your right. I've only just got rid my sore throat and it's back again. It has been quite nice Today I've just done Sunday dinner and the pots, sat for a little while on the garden watching my children play.

    Thanks for your reply 😊 X x

  • O this things can keep coming and going and linger on and I think when we have children at School then I always remember always coming down with something , I would say they had brought it me back from School :-D

    Sounds like you have had a good day , I hope this week coming is just as good to :-) x

  • Yes I always say they fetch it back home for me haha, and there's a lot of us so always someone ill with something.its not been too bad thanks, tried to just concentrate on other things.oh I hope it is too, hope yours is aswel 😊 X x

  • I can relate. Heaven help the family when I get sick. Have trouble

    handling both the anxiety and the illness. Wishing you well soon. x

  • Thanks I hope you are too.its horrible isn't it, especially when you struggle with both x

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