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Severe Daily Episodes


Hi everyone,

I really don't know what else to do. I'm in therapy, I go to my doctors appointments, just had an MRI (awaiting results). Litetally almost every day I have been having these terrible "episodes" where i feel such strong and scary physical symptoms that i think i could die (at worse) right in that moment. The symptoms I have are : I will feel almost weightless, light as a feather, my head will feel hollow with thoughts racing at 200 miles an hour (mostly unpleasant thoughts). I have a huge hard knot in my stomach, violently nausous, and a gut feeling that something horrific is about to happen. It is as though my body is somehow "stopping" as if my life is abruptly coming to an end. I can't handle this. Literally almost everyday. I have been stopping in at the hospital just in case i actually do collapse, i have checked into the e.r. before only for the outcome to be "nothing medically wrong" and being diagnosed as it being a panic attack. I can't understand how this is possible to happen almost everyday and each time it feels catastrophic. I'm so scared. Is anyone else going through similar?

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How are you feeling today ?

I think most with anxiety will relate to how you are feeling and it is common even though when we are going through it can be so hard to accept but acceptance can actually help to eliminate the fear which creates the anxiety and gives us these feelings

You have been checked out see that as a huge positive as they would not give you the all clear if they thought for one minute that anything was physically wrong

I am glad you are receiving therapy , it is not always a quick fix but one that can help and does help , give it time , we need to also be patient which I know we can struggle with as we just want this to stop !

Maybe keep a dairy if you do not already so you can read back how many times you have felt this way yet nothing bad has happened sometimes this can make us realize there is a pattern when we look back and where the mind wants to convince us of something else seeing it written down can help us to realize it is the mind but it is playing tricks on us and is not actually what it is telling us

Take Care x

hlacovara in reply to lulu-1

thanks for your response, yes I also write about the experiences and try to look back at it when it happens again but it usually doesn't help.

Bless :(

I feel awful for you. What youre going through is What i went through....i think almost everyone here has been there too :(

There was one night where i ran into the hospital as I was convinced my heart was stopping.

Every test...they found nothing wrong.

Worrying yourself sick....i now know thats not just a saying...its true. X

hlacovara in reply to hinhan07

Thankyou! Terrible feeling

I'm so scared too. Every single day I wake up to morning anxiety. *6 yrs now

When does it end? I'm in therapy by phone because of my agoraphobia.

1 to 5 sessions a week. Incredible that I don't get better. I use to go to church at

the chapel in the hospital so that I could get help if I needed it. Now I can't

even make that cause of my fear of going out. In my session today, my therapist

recommended I move to a assisted living program. I think because she feels just

as hopeless as I do about getting better. xx

Hi hlacovara

I was reading your post from 6 months ago sounds a lot like what I went through years ago I was so scared like something bad wasgong to happen and I would have scary thoughts and felt like I wasn't in my body like I was looking down at myself from above. I did get better after therapy and medication. I'm from United States also. Northeast. Hope you feel better soon. Has anything going on in your life that has triggered this? For me it was after the birth of my 1st child and coping with other family members like my parents fighting over my sister after there divorce. I sincerely hope you get over this because I know what a scarey feeling it is.

hlacovara in reply to jamie1975

Thanks for your response. Mine couldve been triggered by all the stress im under. Did the out of body sensation cause you to panic? Did anything help you?

jamie1975 in reply to hlacovara

Yes big time panic. I started seeing a psych artist he started me on anti anxiety and anti depressants at first I was seeing him 3 times a week. The anti anxiety meds worked for panic attacks helped right away but the anti depressants took a few weeks to kick in and talk therapy really helped. Good luck to you. Hope you get better soon. I am still on antidepressants stretaline


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